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Learn how to spot IT scams and unfair billing practices, how to interview an IT firm, what a service invoice or quote should look like, and much more in The IT Handbook for Business by William C. Couie.

The IT Handbook is presented in seventeen detailed chapters. Certain chapters in the book will stand out to different business owners and managers depending on their personal situations. I will look at six chapters that stood out for me.

Interviewing an IT Firm. Selecting an IT firm is much more than opening the yellow pages or performing a Google search. Couie looks at the questions you need to ask and the necessary Certifications, Credentials, Experience, and References you should look for in an IT firm.

Lowering IT Costs. These chronic expenses can overwhelm budgets as well as the managers responsible to keep them in check. The valuable tips on these ten pages alone make this book a must own.

Anatomy of a Quote and Anatomy of an Invoice. Two important chapters. The first shows what a quote for quality service from a reputable firm should look like and how to tell if you are about to be ripped off. The second shows what the invoice should look like and how to spot when you are billed for work not done, etc.

How to Recognize Technobabble. Industry jargon can be used to confuse, mislead, or dazzle customers in almost any industry. This chapter will help you recognize technospeak, whether it is spoken by a technician or written in an invoice or quote.

Scams and Unfair Billing Practices. This chapter is a revealing insider look at the grey areas and total rip-offs that some IT firms exploit to pad their revenue streams. The author looks at no less than 10 shady practices and complete scams. This information is the equivalent of an auto- mechanic or plumber showing how their industries cheat motorists or home owners.

Mr. Couie draws on his more than 30 years of information technology field work, protecting and auditing businesses to write a book that could transform how businesses and IT firms cooperate with each other. He writes in a conversational tone and does not bog down his pages with highly technical passages. As someone with limited IT knowledge, I was able to absorb and understand the information easily. This book will empower business owners and managers to make informed decisions about their computer network maintenance, upgrades, and repairs. The book begins with the author's bold statement, "In virtually every city in the world that has computers, I think there's a technical support firm or person who's taking advantage of a business's ignorance of technology." I have no doubt this quote is accurate and I believe that a significant amount of IT Support expenditures can be reduced, or eliminated, by reading and implementing the lessons learned in this book.

If you own or manage a business you need The IT Handbook for Business. Highly Recommended.


Our IT firm is going to get a wake-up call...

I bought this book on Createspace before it got to Amazon via a link I got on Facebook. I can't believe how blind I've been. The techniques taught here are easy to use and setup in any business or office. I'm going to get a bonus this year because we're going to save a fortune.


1)Can and does teach you how to save a huge amount of money on IT support.

2)You don't need to be an IT guru to understand the info. There is zero techno-babble in here and all terms are easy to understand and common.

3)I've never seen this type of information anywhere or heard anyone talk about anything like this.


1)Anything that can save us this much money can't have that much wrong with it.

Author claims that this is the first book like this exposing the IT field and I believe him. Really enjoyed this book and am using or getting ready to use virtually all of the tips included. We're not wasting any more money! - Medical Practice Manager


Impressive & very enlightening!

They don't teach you how to drive or maintain a car before they sell it to you and they don't teach you how to use or maintain a computer or network before they sell it to you. This book does the latter without throwing a bunch of geek terms at you and in plain language I learned how to take control of our support spending. It shows you how to keep from getting ripped off or scammed and how to streamline what you're currently doing, (that part alone is going to save us a load of dough). You can read this over the weekend and start making a difference Monday morning. Thanks! - Small Business Manager


Excellent resource for businesses, October 8, 2010

This is a great resource for every business or anyone that owns a computer. This book empowers someone that knows little about the workings of computers to ask questions and what to be looking for. We all see it every day, your computer or someone that you know is having problems and you call some random computer company to come fix it. They show up spend a couple of hours doing who knows, feeds you some gibberish, sends you a $250 bill and your computer still doesn't work. This book gives me direction that can at least help keep these guys in check. This is a book that has been needed for a long time. Thanks for empowering me. - Concernedbusiness