New Book Helping Businesses

Manage Information Technology Support Costs

A new book recently released on and in bookstores by December, demonstrates to  medium and small businesses how to lower their information technology support costs tremendously.

The IT Handbook for Business, Managing Information Technology Support Costs, using plain English and without techno-babble, assists businesses with their IT support habits and procedures.

Using the procedures and other information in this book, a  business can easily implement a fresh and completely enlightened approach to computer and network support.  Businesses can transform their interaction with IT firm(s) so significantly that they are shocked when they see how much they are saving.  These methods coupled with their newfound ability to be involved with their own IT management, instead of entrusting the seemingly enigmatic IT field blindly to others, lends confidence and an "in charge" feeling to the business.

Reactions by reviewers and colleagues alike, indicate that this book will revolutionize how businesses interact with IT support firms.  Businesses pay huge amounts of money for technical support. A large portion of this can be greatly reduced and eliminated by simply educating the business person(s) about IT support procedures.  This book helps companies save time, increase reliability, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

The author, William C. Couie has been in the IT industry for over 30 years.  He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and hardware specialist, an electronic medical records specialist, an IT infrastructure and implementation auditor, as well as a IT network and Risk Assessment consultant.