New Book Poised to Expose the IT Support Industry and Save Businesses Millions

 September 2010

A NEW book is set to blow the lid off the dark arts of the information technology (IT) industry – and help to save companies millions of dollars.

The IT Handbook For Business, Managing Information Technology Support Costs exposes the underhanded tactics deployed by many IT firms and teaches companies how to save tons of cash.  This book will also make history as the very first of its kind.

The IT industry is one of the only professional trades where a person can merely indicate they have a working knowledge of Information Technology and get a job or open a support business. They can then begin wreaking havoc on businesses without any credentials whatsoever.  They can do whatever they want. There's nothing standing in their way.

The author, William Couie, who is also working on his second book, Information Technology Support Secrets Revealed, spent many years compiling information on the substandard practices and tactics employed within the IT field.  He did this while repairing and correcting the efforts of inept and unqualified technicians. Once compiled, William turned the information into a format in which he could teach businesses to protect and police themselves and has now placed his secrets into the compelling "The IT Handbook For Business, Managing Information Technology Support Costs".


Businesses pay huge amounts of money for technical support. A large portion of this cash can be greatly reduced and even eliminated by simply educating the business person on IT support procedures. This book helps companies save time, increase reliability, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

In The IT Handbook For Business, William, who is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, a Microsoft Certified Professional, and a CompTIA A+ Certified Hardware Technician, offers readers an inside track on an array of IT issues.

Mr. Couie teaches firms to recognize the inept, the scams, and the con artists. The author has taught these methods to businesses and have watched them grow and save a fortune on IT support. 


The IT Handbook For Business, Managing Information Technology Support Costs is $29.95 and is available from Createspace, (an Amazon.Com Company) at,

Editor’s Note: For further information and for review copies, you can contact Mr. Couie via his website