Welcome to The IT Handbooks website!

The IT Handbooks is a series of books that, in non-technical terms, educate the everyday business person and individual on how to deal with the world of Information Technology support.

The goal is to remove the mystery and explain how anyone can examine and interpret the Information Technology fields simply and easily.  This assists with preventing unscrupulous firms from taking advantage of people and businessess due to ignorance.  This information further promotes techniques and procedures that will become the norm, essentially saving everyone time and money while increasing quality and enhancing results.

In these books and e-books we discuss many subjects never before covered in a single area and in many cases, never before covered at all.  These books are always met with incredulousness.  People simply can't believe the information they contain, the ease of implementation and it's scope.

Due to reader request, we have begun making individual excerpts from our books available for sale electronically.  We hope this feature is beneficial to everyone as these will be made available in numerous formats.

Currently "The IT Handbooks" Kindle versions are available via Amazon.  Barnes and Noble versions are now available as well.  As always, hard copy versions are available either here, (autographed version if you prefer) or through your favorite online retailer.

We look forward to hearing your comments and opinions.  Feel free to contact us at info@theithandbooks.com